A Wet Walk

There is no better time to walk than in the rain - especially if you have a dog with social issues.  So out we went and it was glorious - not another soul in sight.

The dogs had fun racing through the wet grasses and I had fun watching them - until my glasses fogged up anyway. Between all the raindrops and the fog I couldn't see a thing the entire way home.

There were cows on the other side of the fence but thankfully no one even suspected it other than Summit.  He kept looking and sniffing but never actually went through the fence to check it out.  The girls were shockingly oblivious but they are always a little oblivious. If it isn't immediately in front of their noses they don't seem to notice much.

I also got to see a Pileated Woodpecker closer than I ever have. Not close enough for a decent picture, but you can at least tell it's there this time.