It's Official

I had my AB Parks Ambassador training the other day so I finally feel like I can get started!  Summit and I celebrated by visiting our nearest park (Park Lake PP) and going for an evening scooter.  He was soooooo good this trip!  Way less stopping and starting than usual.  I imagine the park is starting to have more visitors so the yummy things on and near the trail are either being picked up by staff or eaten by other dogs that have been there.  :)  Whatever it is, it sure makes for a smoother ride.  I felt like I was getting in better shape but I think it was more that I was actually gliding and not slamming on the brake every few seconds.  I sure worked up a sweat though!

The next day I was off work early so we decided to head out to Jensen Reservoir. We'd been there once before but I couldn't remember it very well.  When I got out there, the only thing that "rang a bell" was the outhouse. LOL.  There isn't much to do on land there - it is mainly a fishing site, but I did get to see some pelicans fishing and that was probably the closest I've ever been able to get to one.  I was kicking myself for not bringing my extender to make my lens longer. Although I didn't REALLY need it - it would have been cool to get a close up of their beaks and face.