Getting Smoother

We've had a couple of pretty good scooter rides lately.  Our biggest problem is that he wants to stop and sniff every 5 seconds.  It can be a little frustrating - not to mention exhausting to start and stop over and over and over again.  The best thing for us is to have a little incentive waiting for us down the trail - a bird, a person or in the case of our latest trip, a coyote.  

He must have picked up the scent before we could see him because he broke into this fantastic light jog.  After about 20 seconds I spotted the coyote (and the coyote spotted us) and it took off down the trail away from us. Summit never changed his pace so I'm not sure if he didn't see it or just figured it was a dog.  Anyway, he carried on for another minute or two before going back to his usual stop and sniff shortly after we passed the section where the coyote left the trail.  It gave me a little glimpse of what it will feel like once we get things going well.  I keep hoping if we keep going to the same place he won't be as curious but I'm not sure that is working.  What we really need to do is follow someone.  Maybe once Marlin is back home, I'll convince him to take a bike out in front of us.

And have I mentioned how good he is when I'm packing or unpacking the car? I just tie him to a nearby post and he finds a stick and just sits and chews.  He's such a good egg this kid!