First Waterton Hike of the Year

I think this is the earliest I've gotten out to Waterton.  We stuck to low ground but still, we didn't see a stitch of snow and it was at least a month and a half earlier than some years.

Summit and I tried to hike Horseshoe Basin but it was closed due to a prescribed burn.  So instead we did Wishbone Trail.  I've done the trail in past years and I remembered it as flat but I wanted to check it out again because I thought it might be perfect for scootering.  And I think it will be.

I got 5.5 km along the trail before reaching a creek I wasn't prepared to cross and it was perfect for scootering. I'm excited to go back and try it.  It will make a nice change from Park Lake.  There is even a short detour to get to a decent beach on the lake where he can cool off and frolic in the water.

I am going to have to retire Lacey's backpack though.  It was at the maximum strap length and was looking a tad bit tiny on his back.  It will be nice when he can carry some decent weight and at least take his own water.  So far, he's carried nothing but emergency dog boots as he is still growing and shouldn't be weight bearing much.