Ups and Downs of Scootering

A few weekends ago Marlin joined us on a scooter trip with the bike.  He biked in front while we followed along.  What a difference that made.  For the following week he ran and ran and ran. I was starting to worry that we were going to have to do this less as I don't want him running THAT much yet.  He's still young and still growing and you can cause some permanent damage by doing too much too soon.

There was no fear of that this week.  Ugh.  We've been going out at 5:00 in the morning before work and it's been a disaster. Sniff, sniff, sniff!  Forward momentum at any pace was fleeting at best.  Today we headed out after my morning shift and it was better.  Not like the races we were doing last week, but he actually moved in the same direction for more than 2 seconds at a time and we had some decent stints. He didn't run much or pull much but I was happy to see at least a trot lasting more than 30 seconds a few times.  When the whole route is only 20 minutes at "full speed", it can be frustrating to take 40 minutes to complete it. It didn't help that on the sessions before work I had a very limited time frame.

So I'm back to feeling content with our "progress". I'm dying to get him running full speeds but I know that's too fast for now.  We'll probably do the bicycle trick again in a few weeks but in the meantime as long as he's jogging along out in front, I'll be happy.