Snowshoe Trail

There aren't many places in Waterton we haven't hiked yet but there is one little area that is accessible off of Snowshoe trail that we haven't quite explored yet.  Mainly because Snowshoe Trail is a fairly long, easy and rather dull hike that basically brings you to the base of a few other hikes.  But I convinced Marlin that we should bike/scooter the trail this past weekend and do one of the hikes.

I had a complete blast - Marlin not so much. He hadn't been on a bike in years and even though it was a pretty gradual climb, he struggled.  In the end we decided just to get to the campground area (about 8.5 km in) and turn around. 

Summit was a freaking super star.  Marlin started out in front on the bike for about 30 seconds and then Summit insisted on passing and flying ahead.  We scootered on the flat sections and the downhill sections and I generally walked up the uphill portions.  We could scooter the short ones but the long gradual climbs were killers on the scooter so I just walked.

But the way down was like nothing I've ever experienced.  It was wild.  He literally sprinted for 7 km and finally slowed down near the end.  I used my brakes a LOT as the terrain wasn't always smooth and frankly I was a little freaked out.  I may have even screamed a few times. LOL.  

We didn't see many people on the way up but on the way down we probably had to stop about a dozen times for people to pass.  Summit even got to experience his first horses - he was a very good boy and didn't even bark.

I'm so hooked it isn't even funny.  I'm taking an online mushing course. I'm reading a mushing book (which is more about dog sledding large teams but there is still decent information in it) and I just purchased a second scooter.  Now I can encourage a friend to come with me and maybe get them just as hooked as I am.