My Dad and Shelley came out for a visit this past weekend.  We didn't get in a hike like we wanted to but we did get to play around a little bit on the scooter!  Dad got to feel what it was like to go full speeds as there was a slight decline and I was calling and running from him.  :)  They both had giant grins on their faces.

I went out today along the top of the coulees. I'd been meaning to try it for a while but was a little afraid of an audience.  It wasn't bad.  We saw a few people that we had to stop and pull over for.  He runs to get to them and then is feeling feisty after so we have a good run for about a minute or so after as well.  It is relatively flat but you can sure feel the inclines more when you are on a scooter vs when you are walking!  He doesn't have the momentum? training? strength? to get me up the "hills" with out a WHOLE lot of help.  But that's OK - at least I'm getting a workout then too.

I took the GPS so I'd have some stats - Distance 7.19 km, Moving time 42:51, Moving average 10.1 km/hr (our halfway split was 11.1 km/hr). We sat at the halfway point and watched the gophers.  It wasn't nearly as much fun as swimming but at least we both got a break.