A Warm Walk

We went to Fort Macleod the other day in the late morning.  It was already too late and too hot.  So after about 20 minutes we headed back to the car and just drove to the river.

I've been taking Summit scootering a few mornings this week before work.  Ugh.  A 4:30 a.m. wake up sucks but at least it is pleasant out.  Our runs have been a bit painful - LOTS of stopping and sniffing and usually one 1 or 2 decent stretches of running.  I'm not sure if it's the time of day, my stress to finish in a timely manner, his full belly or I'm just expecting too much.  I'll try again a few times later in the day and see if it's any better and if not, I might get Marlin to come back out with the bike as I feel like we've digressed.

I'm getting quite obsessed with this whole urban mushing thing. I even listened to a podcast the other day! I'm also taking an online course, which I'm finding frustrating because they email you a lesson every 3 days so you can't take it at your own pace.  But it's probably better to let the information sink in anyway. I finally bought a bike rack that can hold it - it was harder to find (and more expensive) than you would have thought. Because it doesn't have the same frame as a bicycle it won't work with most bike racks.  The only downside is the lack of photos.  I can't take photos and scooter at the same time.  I find myself scouring kijiji every few days looking for more scooters.  I'm not sure what I would do with a second one but I want one.  :)  We start and stop too much for a bicycle still at this point but maybe in the future we'll give that a try.  It would be less work for me that's for sure and it would allow us to go on trails that weren't perfectly flat as I'd be able to help propel us up without dying of exhaustion.  I find helping propel us on the flat is hard enough.