Life has been carrying on - business as usual.  Work is the same.  The dogs are the same.  Marlin is the same.  We've been fostering kittens through work and a few dogs as well - two young pups and now we have a senior girl Ruby who is recovering from Giardia.  Poor girl is quarantined for about 6 weeks in an x-pen in our kitchen.  It's a good thing she is old and mellow.  Of course it is snowed so her daily walks have turned into torture so I mainly leave her at home for the moment. But I feel bad as she doesn't get much enrichment in her life.



Lacey is doing fantastic.  No signs of cancer and I think that is the longest we've ever gone since the first tumour appeared.  She is definitely aging - she can't run for as far as she used to and will limp if we overdo it.  But she's still sassy and fun and generally her usual self.



Summit and I have been scootering all summer and fall.  We did a few events in the states and he did great.  He has no problem handling the busier environment and is always enthusiastic to run.  We are going to do a fat bike race in February.  It should be fun! I do need to get on a fat bike once or twice before then so I don't kill myself during the event. And we are working at organizing our own dryland race in Southern Alberta for October.  I can't wait!!  I'm so glad he seems to enjoy this sport as much as I do.  I just wish I was in as good a shape as he is.

Summit has been struggling with Gastro Intestinal issues but we think we've narrowed it down to food sensitivities.  So we are doing some food trials. He's currently on pork and oatmeal and we'll switch to pork and potatoes next week if this goes well. So far, so good for the most part.  He still has some off days and his poop isn't consistent but at least there has been no blood like there has been on and off since September.


I miss Coulee. Sometimes I call Summit by her name by accident and don't even notice until Marlin points it out. I still think of things as hers - like her crate and her bed, even though she hasn't used them in 9 months.  I look through my Facebook memories every day to satisfy myself with reminders of her. It sure isn't the same without her. Lacey has taken over the role as barker though so that role has been filled.  :)