Coulee passed away a few weeks ago.  I've been wanting to write about it, but I've also been avoiding it.  She's the one that started it all.  She changed my life in so many ways. There is no way I would have the business and the photography passion I have today if it wasn't for her.  It's mind boggling to think back and realize how much she impacted the decisions I've made over the past decade.

Marlin feels we waited to long to make a decision and I feel we maybe rushed things by a few weeks.  So I think in the end, we made the right decision.  Her kidneys were failing her and looking back, we think things had been building for a while.  So we chose not to attempt to treat the acute issue that was causing the current problems and to have a few last days together with the focus completely on her.  

We went for a casual family walk on the Sunday.  We went to the beach and brought her favourite toys and threw them as many times as she wanted. She was mainly content just to carry them around. On the Monday before going to the vet, we went for another short stroll, just the three of us.  It was so hard knowing what was coming.  We played at the clinic with her toys and kept things as upbeat as possible.  It was hard still seeing that spark in her.  I had to remind myself that we practically had to drag her off the bed and into the car each day to go on those walks.  She often wouldn't chase toys in the backyard anymore but she still had the occasional play session in the backyard with Summit.

The house is quiet without her.  And not in a good way.