Mushing Group

There is starting to be quite a little community of mushers down here in Lethbridge!  It's exciting to know other people are enjoying it as much as I do. I still like running by myself (and it's the only way Lacey can come along too) but it is also nice to have people to run with and to help keep Summit motivated.  Not to mention to be able to safely practice passing other people and teams.  

We've decided to have a group run every Sunday morning at 9 a.m.  So far I've got 4 scheduled at different locations so we can get some variety into our runs.  I wish I could get better photos during our group runs but at the moment there is just too much going on to also take photos. The other week though I managed to run to the car and get my camera before Sarah (above) and Katheryn (below) finished.

Once I get my GoPro back from Deb and Steve (they are borrowing it for a month) I hope to get some fun video of everyone.  Last week Nancy and a few people came down from Calgary and she got some footage of our run at Park Lake.