So I've become a little obsessed with dryland mushing since starting it with Summit last year.  It is just SO. MUCH. FUN.  Seriously.  Talk about a fun way to exercise your dog.  Any dog can dryland mush, but the fast ones seem to have a little hound in them.  And who doesn't want to go fast.  So anyway... one day I think I'd like to have a dog with a little bit of greyhound in them.

So when NCGL was looking for a foster home for a lab x greyhound cross that was good with cats, I convinced Marlin that we should foster her - just to get to know the breed better and to determine if that type of dog was a good fit for us.

So may we introduce Cassie.  She's just delightful.  She's an 8 year old who still acts and plays like a young dog.  She's fantastic with our cats.  Summit loves her. Lacey tolerates her. And I am completely smitten.  But the three dog dynamic is not my favourite.  It is definitely quieter and less stressful with only two.  But she's delightful.  :)  But she is looking for a home -

Things I know about Cassie:
1. She's fantastic to live with. Generally calm and quiet in the house. 
2. She actually has pretty good dog skills - understands what a lip curl means and will immediately walk away from the situation. 
3. She is unbelievably good with the cats. Even Jack likes her. 
4. She loves car rides and will jump in the moment you open the door and rides quietly in the crate. 
5. She prefers to sleep dead centre of the bed and she doesn't care how much you thrash around, she ain't moving over. My husband would argue that she likes to sleep on his side of the bed.
6. She is great with strangers - on walks she just ignores everyone. 
7. She gets very excited every time you come home, even if you've only been gone 30 minutes. 
8. She's always ready to go for a walk. 
9. She is housetrained but I have no idea what she would do to ask to go outside. As of yet, it hasn't happened. Summit asks often enough for everyone. 
10. She enjoys cuddling but is also content on a dog bed. Her favourite is the elevated dog bed with the Back on Track pillow on it. 
11. She eats at turtle speeds compared to our two but she generally finishes her meal all in one seating (aka - she's not a grazer). But don't try to lock her in another room or crate to enjoy her meal at leisure - she'll just refuse to eat. Instead you must stand guard with other dogs nearby. And don't say outside when she's eating as she'll abandon her dish to go outside with the other dogs. It's the most boring part of my day and I've learned to have my phone on me so I can check Facebook at the same time as she eats. Lol
12. She very rarely picks up toys and as far as I can tell, won't play fetch. 
13. She will play in her water dish and doesn't mind wading in the river. 
14. She's almost 8 but sure doesn't act it. 
15. She enjoys playing chase games with other dogs around the yard.
16. She is not a fan of thunderstorms or unexpected noises.