Cancer Treatments

Lacey was recently diagnosed with her 5th Mast Cell Tumour.  Sort of... We can see the result of the tumour (foot swelling on and off) but the biopsy only found a few mast cells indicating a reaction - not indicating a tumour.  But the tumour is somewhere.  We aren't exactly sure where.  It could be so tiny we can't feel it yet, it could be buried deep in her foot or it could be on an organ that is essentially throwing an angry response out to her foot.  It happens to be on the same foot that we already had a toe removed from so even if we can find a tumour in her foot, she'd be pretty severely crippled if we removed any more toes.  So basically surgery isn't an option.

So we've decided to treat with a chemo drug called Palladia.  It is specific to dogs and to Mast Cell Cancer.  We'll be monitoring her blood, urine and fecal every 2-4 weeks for the entire 6 months of treatment.  The monitoring is about half the over all cost and trust me, it isn't cheap.  Sigh.  And boy or boy did she make getting a urine sample difficult yesterday!  She held her morning pee for 7 hours before finally letting me stick a container under her.  Even then she cut it off mid stream after only a tablespoon of urine.  Thankfully it was enough.

I've just uploaded a large swack of images to Adobe Stock in an effort to earn some more money. I've still got more to upload but I'm slowly getting there.  I'm also offering some mini sessions at a sale price but the weather has been so horrid, it is hard to find days that we can go out.  

She had her first dose today.

March 15 - So far so good. Her spirits and energy are great.  She's eating well (and pooping well).  Her blood tests showed a sharp drop in Neutrophils but apparently it is to be expected and isn't alarming.  We had about a week delay between meds due to testing (and low med supply) but we started her third week yesterday.  We also received a grant from ACTTS to help cover some of the expenses so that is a huge weight off our minds.